The Ripped

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Who is The Ripped?

Leader of collective and platform UTCH (UnderTechChile). With a style from minimal modern techno and visionary; labels like Holzplatten, Kazumi, simple musik or konsequent amongst others, from techno more danceable that’s at anunmainstream level,record labels like Skull tunes, salpeter or compound, are those that we find in his dj sets. It’s to say, its techno of excellent octanes and anatomy. It’s in this way that he is separating himself from the releases and sessions that the majority of dj’s play; because most of the records he uses are based on a particular new style that are mainly listened to in Japon, Canada and Germany. This new style and therefore his sessions are usually a mix of Detroit minimal techno, also known as slamming; a clean style with load more groove than classic minimal techno. Risen from principles of century XXI from the hand of Voco derman, Ted Bjorling , Pacou, Christian Bloch and others; which in the way it rises, passes through styles like Slam Bang and Banging techno. These sub vanguard styles of last generation contain elements and futuristic sounds accompanied by a total motor-like techno; apart from being hard, disorganised in form and saturated, they always maintain advanced textures of people like Inigo Kennedy, Stanislav Tolkachev, Casual Violence and others.
His productions contain experimental electronic elements and industrial futuristic landscapes sounds accompanied by a total dark modern techno.

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