QVO VADIS / Electronika minimalistica from Chile

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Qvo Vadis, that in latin means ´where do you go´or ´where you go´was born in Barcelona in 2003 from the djs and producers GM26 and HQZ.

These partners share similar likes inside and outside of electronic music. They spent full nights listening to industrial, jazz and techno music and bands like New Order, Depeche Mode and Petshop Boys amongst others that they shared in their apartment in Santiago, Chile; from which a good connection developed, always interesting up unto the hour of producing in studio; like this, in their improvised live sets with which they received good critique in different cities in Europe.

Their direct sessions in different taverns and bars such as Lupino, Svaj, Starvin, Cafe 44, Nova etc. permitted them to participate in the sonic electronic festival in Sweden and share scenery with bands and producers of different latitudes lik Biperas, appareil, The lightbulb project and Johan Inkenen amongst others.

They produce in the same way particularly regarding their styles; from a more passive ambiance, to electronic music, more experimental and minimalist.

With a sampler, 2 synthesizers, a laptop and a pair of decks (turntables), their pleasant “musical journeys” on which they habitually go are as harmonic as they are inexplicable, fun to listen to in a bar, club, open air or wherever it may be.

Listen to this live set recorded in Svaj bar in Stockholm, Sweden and try to capture ´where you go´ with Qvo Vadis.



Qvo Vadis, que en latín significa “hacia donde vas” o “donde vas”, nació en Barcelona el año 2003 entre los DJ’s y productores GM26 Y HQZ.

Estos socios comparten gustos similares dentro y fuera de la electrónica. Se pasaban tardes enteras escuchando música industrial, jazz, techno y bandas como New Order, Depeche Mode o Pet Shop Boys entre otros en el departamento que compartían en Santiago de Chile; lo cual los hizo tener un conexión muy buena e interesante a la hora de producir en estudio; así como en sus improvisados Live Sets con los que se ganaron buenas críticas en diferentes ciudades de Europa.

Sus sesiones en directo en diferentes tabernas y bares como Lupino, Svaj, Starvin, Café 44, Nova, etc.

Les permitió participar en el Sonika Electro Festival en Suecia y compartir escenario con bandas y productores de diferentes latitudes como Biperas, appareil, The Lightbulb Proyect o Johan Inkenen entre otros.

Su manera de producir es igual de particular que su estilo; el cual va desde el Ambient más pasivo a la electrónica más experimental y minimalista.

Con un sampler, dos sintetizadores, laptop y un par de tornamesas, sus agradables viajes que suelen ir de menos a mas son tan armónicas como inexplicables, entretenido de escuchar en un bar, club, al aire libre o donde sea.

Escucha este live set grabado en el Svaj Bar de Estocolmo Suecia y trata de captar hacia donde vas con QVO VADIS.



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Inspired by the industrial scene and 80s electronic, Hqz become interested in the production of his own music. He bought a sampler, got a couple of old synthesizers, decks, and everything that produced noises and then redefined the sounds through his atmospheric electronic beats concept .

Mixing beats and abstractions with his equipment and software, start to create atmospheric background music with bizarre beats which he played in art galleries openings such as La Santa Art space and Galeria Iguazu in Barcelona, Multimedia Art Festival Barcelona B.A.C 006. and Transmission Festival in Torino, Italy
Currently based in the u.k, continues working in electronic parallel projects
Parallel projects: Qvo vadis together with electronic producer and dj Gm26 aka the ripped, they worked their own experimentation, fusing dj sets, samplers and synthesizers into their live sets.
Wired MAchine, project based in the simplicity of the production, all tracks are recorded live with no much post production than cut, paste and some master. the noise and more ambient side of the electronica.




Utch Records artists 2014

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With so many people talking about techno music, you can probably be confused. Go to the safe so you do not confuse it mainstream. We specialize in Chile UTCH Records
Over 130 artists from more than 35 countries, speaks for our label!!

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