Diego Hostettler

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Diego Hostettler was born in 1980 in Bern, Switzerland (capital city:).
As a child he grown up with jazz, at least cause his father was a professional jazz musician.
At the age of 6 he started to play the piano. At the age of 11-12 he focused more and more on rap music such as public enemy and ice t, but also by Todd Terry’s early HipHouse tunes. After having bought two turntables and a mixer, he began deejayin in 1994.
In 1996 Diego started to build up his own studio. He started to send out his first demo tapes in 1998. An introduction to Stefan Riesen from Phont Music in 1998 led to his first release. Towards the end of 1999 he got in touch with Heiko Laux and released the “Superpositions EP”, followed by several 12inches and 4 albums!
In summer 2000 Diego meet the former drummer of legendary hardcore bands like Discharge and Flux of Pink Indians, Dave Elsmere aka. Voco Derman.
Diego and Dave were two of the first artists to upload their tracks in the early days of mp3.com. There they met and from then on they tried to develop a common functioning.
Diego & Dave realized a common taste in music and share the same ideas about the free distribution of music. Chatting about “Plagiarism” on the net, both agree that the further development of a given musical system is rather interesting and not a thievery of ideas. Shorthand they decided to musically elaborate the Basic Channel like Dub-Techno and started producing.
Of course all results were constantly uploaded and made public. (Over 77’000 downloads to Date !!
Having released 4 of the more technoid tracks as Diego & Voco Derman „Raster EP“ (ka 51) on Kanzleramt a k2o mini-album contains 8 of the calmer tracks, configured for the project name Shapes & Forms got released.
In 2001-2002 Diego played sets at clubs all around the globe.
In 2003 Diego released his his 3rd album “Instant Reality” (ka85) on Kanzleramt and on new recordings for k20.
Diego´s current album “Open” (ka111) was released in September 2004. Based on techno, the album connetcs versatile songstyles and shows once more Diego´s professional skills in his production.




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DIALECT _ Transporta Records / Technokracie.org (CZ) Under the training of DJ Ghonzales at the LIVC DJ School in Prague, Dialect began his DJ career. Michael’s tastes progressed until he found the style which suited him. Chucked out his old tech-house wax in favour  of the harder Slovak sound, which finally led him to the Birmingham techno sounds. Now, sticking to the dark, evil, industrial sounds of the birmingham sound producers, such as Surgeon, Grovskopa, Luka Baumann,  Makaton, Paul Damage etc.
After begining in small clubs around Prague and the Czech Republic he started, with DJ Reznyk, their own techno nights in Prague. Soon they were playing host to: The 65D Mavericks, Grovskopa, Luka Baumann, Elektrabel, Cyp, Supagrupa, Makaton and many others.
When breaking up with Reznyk, Michael creates the web site Technokracie.org, where he and his fiendly collaborators inform Czech people about all the new records, events and other techno affairs.
Together with djs Pluge and Wetrix, runs Dialect other free label Transporta Rec. – the place where producers can release tunes, which other labels are afraid or putting out.



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Charlton was born september the 16th 1982 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He started his DJ career in 1999. Inspired by producers like Slobadan, Surgeon, Regis and Headroom, he started to produce his own music in the year 2001. After finishing his ‘Electronic Music Productions study he started producing for his live PA.
His first live performance took place in 2004. Since then he’s been exploring that side of technomusic and became a newborn talent in Holland, playing in places like Nighttown Rotterdam (Strictly Techno) and Club Monza Utrecht (SubCulture), where he was also asked to be a resident DJ. Up until now he shared the stage with artists like Preach, Oliver Giacomotto, Vincent de Wit, Bas Mooy, Damian Keane, Dave Miller, Oliver Kucera, Patrik Skoog, Jay Denham, James Ruskin and Secret Cinema, just to name a few. Where his slamming livesets will take you from pounding 4*4 to dark off-beat rhythms, filled with nasty razorsharp acid basslines, his dj-sets will take you from old Jeff Mills tunes to Mulero beats and everything in between.



ORPHX / Hamilton, Canada

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For almost two decades, Orphx has been exploring the grey areas between techno, industrial, and electro-acoustic music. Using an assortment of synthesizers, samplers, feedback systems, and various homemade instruments, Orphx combines the dark experimental aesthetics of early industrial music with the pulse of techno, electro and dub. The project began in 1993 as a trio of Richard Oddie, Christina Sealey and Aron West. Early recordings and live performances used primitive equipment to create psychedelic noisescapes inspired by early industrial music and the emerging Japanese noise scene. West left the group in 1995 to focus attention on noise project Tropism, while Oddie and Sealey began creating drone music under the name Antiform and incorporating more rhythmic elements into Orphx, inspired by an immersion in techno and acid house.

Orphx has since gained a substantial international following as one of the pioneering acts within the European “rhythmic noise” scene, while making increasingly strong connections with like-minded artists on the more experimental fringes of techno. Oddie and Sealey have performed around the world, appearing alongside artists such as Alva Noto, Laurie Anderson, Hakim Bey, Byetone, Esplendor Geometrico, Funkstorung, Pan Sonic and many others. Oddie and Sealey have also collaborated on numerous audio / visual projects and exhibitions related to their musical output.

Orphx has released a number of influential albums and singles since the mid 1990s, combining elements of techno with power electronics, rhythmic noise and electro-acoustic soundscapes. More recent releases combine all of these approaches into new hybrids of synthetic / organic sound. The Division (2009) and Black Light (2010) 12″s on Sonic Groove signal a new phase for the project, pursuing a dark hybrid of techno, industrial and dub that has won critical acclaim from many of techno’s leading DJs.

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One of Canada’s finest underground techno dj’s and producers is now residing in Germany.DJ, Live Performer, Producer/Composer, Remixer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Owner of Beta Mechanical Recordings, and Teacher.  Patrick wears many hats in the field of Audio Production which has made him into one of the backbone figures in today’s Electronic Music Industry.

During the last decade, Toronto, Canada was the home base for DJ/Producer Patrick DSP who’s been active on many fronts in the global techno scene.  Now calling Germany his home, Patrick DSP began his campaign of techno terror in the mid 90’s, his first club residency was at the Infamous E! Space in Toronto Canada in 1997, which provided him a platform to present his music. Incorporating his present tastes with his extensive background and knowledge of electronic music, to the public, he has always maintained an anti-mainstream approach to music.

In 1999, Patrick soon found himself with a strong desire to expand his musical horizons and began writing and producing music.  He quickly found himself in the services of other labels providing mastering, production and remixing services for major labels in addition to working on his own twisted visions of sound.  Working from Neptune Studios, Patrick has run the gamut of producing everything from film scores, to blistering hard techno. Neptune Studios soon branched off to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Patrick began providing audio production services in the emerging South American scene.  During this time he worked with such local heroes as Pet Duo (KneDeep), DJ Lukas (Trivial Music) and TRB (TechnoPride). These classes soon branched off worldwide and provided opportunities to give lectures as far away as Moscow.

In his 10 years of production, Patrick has collaborated and conspired with some of the most talented names in Techno, such as Glenn Wilson, Mark EG, Chris Liberator, Andreas Kremer as well as many local Canadian heroes. He gained an impressive repertoire of international releases, and established the label as one of the premier hard techno imprints on the scene. In 2008, he has ventured on his own to start Beta Mechanical Recordings. Catering to a diverse spectrum of techno flavor with hopes to forget the sub-genres and concentrate on quality techno music. Now nearing the end of 2009, Patrick has relocated into the heart of Europe to connect better with the music that he loves so much.  Patrick DSP has played across Europe, South America and North America, spreading his twisted rugged hard techno sound from intimate local clubs to festivals such as the Love Parade in Germany. You can be sure his world renowned sets are a unique force of sonic destruction.





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Antonio Kalem aka Tony Silver is born on 10.10.1984 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegowina). The first contact with electronic music he had was 1994, it was the year when he was listening to greatly popular Rave and Hardcore music. Thereby, year 1997 he decided to pursue his own production due to his huge interest in electronic music. At the first beginning he was working with Club and Hardcore music, but as he was experimenting with different styles – he slowly moved to Hard Techno sounds, mostly inspired by Chris Liebing style of music whom he has been using as a substantial model in his production. He has been a long time into electronic music and his style can be defined simply as dark, aggressive, pounding techno, involving typical aggressive percussions. Today he and his friend Srle are running a Label “Ground Effect Records” which is based on harder and darker side of Techno. His own sets have considerable influence of dark atmosphere. In the present position he is working with new projects, productions as well as collaboration with artists such as Brad Lee, Mattias Fridell, Dj Srle (as Hysteria) and he is also starting a new label with Tuomas Rantanen called Primitive Species Rec. His latest work will be also heard on his new label “Basement Works Rec” in late 2009.




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Founded in 1998, the project Energun22, started a number of successful techno releases (Kazumi, Salpeter, Shubfaktor) than on the right proved to be a pioneer of underground electronic music scene of post-Soviet country, the materials of which were released on vinyl.Assertive and analog sound Energun22 was the key factor in the participation of band at all major and famous events of the country and in Europe (Mayday Russia, “Eastern hit” St. Petersburg, Kazantip – Ukraine, Medgorave, East-West – Estonia etc.

At the dawn of the formation of a rapid and ruthless “shranz” and “hardtechno” band has did the contribution and so they were first which released vinyls on major labels in such a Highball Music, Working Vinyl, Lifeform, FAT tm rec, Expanded and others. Prior to the 2003 ENERGUN 22 creates music in the hardest techno sound will be supported by world famous DJs: Dj Rush, Robert Natus, Andreas Kremer, Arkus P, etc. In 2003 Energun22 changes its name to Energun, the project decided to take a break to rethink their creation.The name change does not affect the ability to work, the project continues to exist and creates not only hard techno sound.

Six years of play tour’s schedule had not been wasted. From 2003 to 2005 Energun intensively working in the studio experimenting with sound and equipment and continues active play tour. One of these experiments was the use of vocals and melodic synthesis in style synthpop and so way was born the project Energun vs Logika. The project (from 2005 to 2008) was not only studio work and it played a lot of concerts in main clubs of post-Soviet countries.

Finished with the experiments, first of 2009, the musicians decide to return to their old school techno roots, at a higher level.Reviving the brand ENERGUN Denis Sinitsyn and Sergey Maksymchuk already proved their artistic consistency next digital release in many countries around the world (Cool Play – Italy, Audio Donner Records – England, NWS – Russia, RELDZ records – America, Analogate Recordings – Argentina, Ignored Records – Spain , Unaffected Records – Czech Republic, Labrynth Records – Portugal and many others) advocating the sound of techno.





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Birthed in Manchester and adopted by Leeds, Casual Violence is rapidly gaining a reputation for his uniquely deep, hypnotic and emotionally dark & organic techno productions. Never 100% aimed at the dance floor, but focused more so on slow and subtle building rhythmic energies, textures, and atmospheres, Casual Violence’s productions and live sets often require a degree of time and thought from the listener.

As a DJ his track selection, although aimed more towards the dance floor than his live sets, still stays very much on the deeper, darker side of techno and electronic music and he currently holds a residency at the UK’s infamous and much respected techno night Detatched aswell as a residency over in Holland for Hemlock Nights.

On the production side Casual Violence is constantly working on defining his own singular sound, and is a regular on both UK based Digital label Singularity and Dutch based record label Aftertaste where his full debut EP Why So Few was well received. Other notable releases of late include the Blackhuas EP on Detatched and a mind blowing remix of Inigo Kennedy’s China Rising on Makaton’s Rodz Konez. Forthcoming releases are planned for Aftertaste, Singularity, Subsist, AudioExit, Android muziq and an album for Detatched.




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A.Paul was born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1971. His first contact with music was at the age of 6 through the influence of his older sister who was really into the funky disco sound. His musical roots are deeply connected with great musicians such as George Benson, Imagination, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, and later with Kraftwerk, true pioneers of what we now call electronic music.

He also received some electro and hip-hop vibes from the 80´s, and  by the time acid house hit Europe by the end of the decade, he was already mixing for some time, making some parties with his own equipment, and his work was recognized by the portuguese dj J. Daniel, who gave him the opportunity in 91 to start playing as a resident in a club that held the capacity for a 1000 people and also invited him to work at his record shop and with whom he also released his first vinyl record in 94, on his imprint Question of Time. This record was also licensed to the mythical Italian label UMM & UK’s Bush Records. This was a time of great discovery in music, made A.Paul forge and polish his own style of music and skills as well, leading him to become resident of two of the most charismatic clubs at that time, Climacz in 94 and Kremlin in 96 both in Lisbon.

In 1995, after his first international gig in Augsburg – Germany, he became the techno import manager for Illegal Records in Lisbon, and with this new step he is able to get all the latest promos of techno, and release his music on his own labels, first Squeeze Records with another 2 portuguese djs, and later on his own Onh.Cet. This was the when he got definitely addicted to techno music, absorbing all the new influences from Detroit, Chicago, the first minimal wave from Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram, Damon Wild, Steve Stoll and also the European faction with The Advent, Surgeon, Luke Slater, James Ruskin, Steve Rachmad, Maurizio among a lot of other artists and labels that deeply inspired him throughout the years.

The next couple of years A.Paul released music for other international labels which made his name more popular hence leading to an expectable increase of gigs in his country, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany and Denmark.

When he joined the X-Club agency and party organization company in 1997, he finally had the chance to play regularly with all the top techno and house djs one can imagine, transcending new ways of understanding the art of djing, different styles of music, and the chance to start co-producing music with renowned artists and establishing good friendships with them, even remaining in contact with some of them today. Besides music, he also embraces a new artistic passion with visuals, being the graphic designer for X-Club for over 2 years, and created his own visuals company – ‘Oblivion Visual Concepts’.

In 2001 he opened an online record shop called Genesis Records, which grew to the point that he had to open an actual shop, promoting techno and new styles of open minded music like no other place in Portugal. He also created a label for the shop where he released a few records.

The following years were filled with remarkable success, increased popularity, which made him become the Best Portuguese Techno Dj 3 years in a row, voted by the readers of Dance Club Magazine, the main media vehicle for dance music in Portugal.

New projects and ideas kept on coming, he created Mooshi Mooshi a merchandising shop, he founded Secret Society, a night in Lisbon dedicated to techno, and more recently he opted to quit all his other activities (design, promoting, chronicle writer and record reviewer), dedicating himself strictly to music production and djing and also to the labels, co-owning MPC Distribution alongside his long time mates Cisco Ferreira & michaelangelo, and running his most successful project to date Naked Lunch, and sublabels Parallel 125 & Dirty Ego.

He feels more active than ever and finally he is breaking some of his own boundaries, producing from tech-house under the pseudonym Luther Miek, techno as A.Paul and one cannot forget his rebel soul which is manifested in his minimal and experimental works this time under the alias of Loudon Kleer.




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 Born in 1983 in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, Robert Kiss aka Doryk has experienced electronic music in the mid 90’s, and became a big collector of various styles of music (mostly house and techno was in his focus). His interest for dj-ing and producing developed quite late, he made his first productions in 2003. His style is dark, industrial techno, mostly made for the dancefloor, but he’s also producing deeper, and more experimenting tracks under the alias P.c.m.n. . His first release was on Hungary’s Darkaudio netlabel in 2007, since then he had  releases on labels like Furanum Records, Zimmer Records and his own label Audioexit, and he will appear on some compilations on Utch Records and Technokracie. Thanks to his livesets, mixes and releases, he’s achieving more and more international reputation, and also succesfully running his label Audioexit with colleague Thoma.


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